Term Assurance

Term assurance provides life cover for a set period of time usually 5 to 40 years. Once the term expires the policy holder has no life cover. Term assurance is cheaper than whole of life policies and is ideal for family protection or mortgage protection.

Types of Term Assurance

  • Level Term Assurance – the sum assured on your policy will not change over time. This type of policy is normally used to protect your family or cover an interest only mortgage.
  • Increasing Term Assurance – the sum assured increases every year without the need for further medical evidence. This type of policy is ideal for people who need additional cover in line with increases in their income and inflation.
  • Decreasing Term Assurance – the sum assured reduces over the cover period at a flat fixed rate each year. This type of policy is ideal for protecting a capital repayment mortgage and is cheaper than a Level Term Assurance.
  • Family Income Benefit – this type of cover provides a tax-free income to your family until the end of the term.

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